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samuel tang
Samuel Tang
Sec 4 Chemistry / Loyang Secondary School
Chemistry improved alot

My Chemistry results have improved over the times I have been attending Ace Scorers and my understanding in chemistry has improved. I have enjoyed attending Ace Scorers, the teacher is good and she goes the extra miles to help us in our chemistry. She helps us to understand more about our chemistry and has cleared all our doubts. The environment in the classroom is conducive for learning and the size of the class is just right. I have really enjoyed attending the Chemistry courses at Ace Scorers.

yeoh shuen ning
Yeoh Shuen Ning
Sec 4 Pure Chemistry / Damai Secondary
Learnt beyond what’s stated in textbook.
Greater exposure to more advanced qns. For example, some simple concepts from A level syllabus. Ms Joyce is very patient and friendly teacher who would be open to more qns even after the whole lesson have already ended. She would also answer our doubts on WhatsApp. The whole course of the lessons I have attended was fruitful to me as I have learned more things beyond what’s stated in the textbook.
joey lee
Joey Lee
O levels Chemistry / Tanjong Katong Secondary Sch
Improvement in results
Improvement in result. Teacher very kind, nice, good in teaching.
to yong kang
Teo Yong Kang
Chemistry Intensive / Tanjong Katong Secondary School
Interactive and Engaging Classes
Clear to interactive. Engage with students. Detailed explanations. Teaching speed is just right. Encouraging. Clearer understanding. More firm grasp on concepts. Learnt better answering techniques. More confidence in the subject.
Pnyanka Hannah Mohan
Chemistry Intensive Course / St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School
Good teaching style

Her teaching style is very good and I clearly understood what has been taught. I have a better understanding of the concepts.

yeo jing ying
Yeo Jing Ying
Sec 4 Chemistry and Amaths / Chung Ching High School (Main)
I learnt to deal with many types of questions.

I have learnt to deal with many types of questions that can appear in exams, and understand the concepts of both amaths and chemistry better. For Amaths, a lot of useful practices are given and the teacher, Mr Chan, is clear in explaining the steps to do each question. He also let us know some shortcuts and tricks we can apply when doing certain types of questions. For Chemistry, The teacher, Ms Joyce, is very friendly and approachable. If you are unclear in any concepts, she is able to run through it quickly and make it easily understood. Chemistry practices given out are also helpful.

angela teo
Angela Teo
Combined Chemistry / Ngee Ann Secondary School
I learnt to be discipline in studies.

I have learnt to be disciplined and study chemistry as when I don’t know how to do questions here, I feel bad so I started doing and revising my work. My teacher has been very helpful and kind to the students and is very knowledgeable as she is able to answer all the questions that I have. The class is very enriching and it has been a pleasure being in this course.

gabriel yap
Gabriel Yap
Sec 4 Chemistry and Physics / Chung Ching High School (Main)
My Physics and Chemistry Improved!

My physics and chemistry improved. The teacher is very kind, patient and knowledgeable. She is able to explain things very clearly and it is easy to understand what she is saying.

leong hui min
Leong Hui Min
Sec 4 Chemistry
Enjoyed the time I spent at Ace Scorers

I enjoyed the time I have spent here as the centre and the teachers are all committed to doing their best for the students. I have gained new insights and better understand topics that were taught in school. I really appreciate how the centre as well as the teacher makes an effort to makeup for the classes you have missed. It makes sure that you stay on par with the rest of the students so you don’t have to be afraid on missing out too much. I think that Ms Joyce is a very dedicated teacher who takes time out to stay back after lessons to help clarify your doubts. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to help you better understand any topics you may have difficulty in. She is knowledge in the subject and always willing to go the extra mile.

thaddeus tan
Thaddeus Tan
O levels Chemistry / Victoria School
Reignited my interest for Chemistry

I understand certain concepts better and the teacher has also been very patient in teaching the students, making me reignite my interest for chemistry. The teacher has been really understanding and helpful. I am grateful that she is able to dedicate time on Sundays to teach us and walk with us on our journey to O levels. She is also very approachable after lessons so that we can ask her questions we are unsure of.

thaddeus lai
Thaddeus Lai
Sec 4 Chemistry / Anglo Chinese School Independent
Understanding of Chemistry improved!

I have learnt and understand more concepts. Initially I was failing my chemistry exams when I first joined but with the patient of Ms Joyce, she explained concepts to me and my understanding of the subject improved.

nadya kool
Nadya Rachelle Tai Jen Mae Kool
Sec 4 Combined Chemistry /  CHIJ Secondary
Fail to B in less than a year

I have improved in Chemistry from a fail to a B in less than a year and have discovered new study techniques to consolidate my learning. Through the guidance of Ms Joyce, I have learnt to love Chemistry and actually do well in it, I have improved a lot from a bad fail to a high B. I have also learnt many ways to consolidate my learning through the use of mindmaps and tables. Ms Joyce is really flexible in her teaching. She will normally give us worksheet to do and explain the questions we don’t understand. However, if she feels that we need some revision first, she will recap on the topics before proceeding with the lesson.

Yeo Hao Yue Damien
O levels Chemistry / Broadrick Secondary School
Managed to understand and catch up!
Manage to understand more and catch up a lot since I was very far behind. Gives me a better grip on the concepts. It is very informational and the teacher would help with any question that I did not understand and explain to me why is it like this.


poh jing ting
Poh Jing Ting
O levels CHemistry / Ngee Ann Secondary
Worksheets are good.
The worksheet is very informative. Ms Joyce is very caring and nice and smart.
jocelyn choy
Jocelyn Choy
Chemistry Intensive Course / Anglican High
Explains clearly concepts that are harder to explain.
I understand the concepts better as well as learnt the answering techniques. Ms Joyce is very nice and explains clearly the concepts that are harder to understand.
andre lim
Andre Lim
Sec 4 Pure Chemistry and Intensive Course / St Andrew Seondary
F9 to Distinction!
I have always been getting F9 in my Chemistry but after attending the Chemistry classes in Ace Scorers, my grades have been improving. Ms Joyce is very informative and friendly. She can gain the attention of all the students very well and constantly makes the lessons fun by cracking jokes. She is an excellent teacher overall and her teachings are always very clear. I’m also thankful that I have successfully scored a distinction in my O’level Chemistry exam!
natalie goh
Natalie Goh
O Levels Chemistry and Intensive Course / St Margaret's Secondary
Nice and patient Teacher
My results have improved and I understand the concepts. Teacher Joyce is a very nice and patient teacher. She is very clear in her teaching. Thanks to her, my results are improving!
noor hakim
Noor Hakim
Sec 4 Pure Chemistry / Pasir Ris Crest
Improved from F9 to B3
I have improved in my grades from F9 to a B3. And I learn new things like how to answer question in different ways. Teacher very good. Can understand well. Learn new things. Learn how to solve questions easily. Ms Joyce is friendly, understanding and interactive.
jazz er
Jazz Er
Sec 4 Pure Chemistry / Geylang Methodist
Gave me confidence!
It made me more confident in my answers. I learnt many Chemistry topics. It is a very fun place to learn! The teachers is very friendly and willing to answer any doubts. She explains each questions clearly and slowly so that the students can understand! Excellent!
michelle lim
Michelle Lim
Sec 4 Pure Chemistry / Manjusri Secondary
Ms Joyce is a patient teacher.
Ace Scorers has provided me with a constant revision package that helped me attain a good result. Ms Joyce is very patient in explaining all my queries and is able to answer different types of questions. The course has a wide range of questions to suit students’ needs.

benjamin lim
Benjamin Lim
H2 Chemistry A level Intensive / Meridian Junior College
Thorough recap of topics

A thorough and in-depth recap of topics taught earlier in JC 1 , the course provided a platform for asking questions and clarifying  concepts which I was unable to do so in School. Mr John stays back after Class to answer any queries that I have, be it in ten year series , other practice papers or school papers. Through his guidance, I have learnt many new concepts and corrected many misconceptions. On a whole, the course and Mr John Soh have definitely helped in my understanding in chemistry.

Kavin Mavani
Meridian Junior College
The H2 Chemistry course that I attended has helped me to strive for a career in Chemistry with utmost confidence and desire.

I have understood my concepts to greater extent, with the help of additional knowledge from higher levels of chemistry. It gave me the confidence in taking on questions from topics I would usually skip. Ace Scorers have been effective and efficient in providing its students an all-rounded education for Chemistry. They have provided essential materials and knowledge that will help one to achieve the highest grade at A levels. The teachers’ crisp knowledge about every topic rendered off any time delay in answering the student’s query. In all, the H2 Chemistry course that I attended has helped me to strive for a career in Chemistry with utmost confidence and desire.

Bharesh Hiranand Chainani
Meridian Junior College
My understanding for Chemistry has improved tremendously!

My understanding for Chemistry has improved tremendously and I am able to break down the questions in an easier manner. I am able to appreciate this subject even more by learning about more than just the fundamental concepts required by the syllabus, hence allowing me to further improve regarding this course. Ace Scorers has been an amazing medium for me to understand subjects which I am weak in. Mr John Soh is very skilled at making us understand and prepare for possible questions and scenarios during exams by constantly refreshing our minds on topics which we are weak in. He is willing to stay back after class for consultation regarding questions and content of which we are unsure of. My Chemistry has been constantly improving thanks to him.

Ken Rui Hang
Hwa Chong Institution
Grasp concepts better!

Concepts are presented in a clear and concise manner. Overall, Mr Soh is able to explain the chemistry concepts in a clear manner , helping me to grasp them better.

Gerald Lim
Gained greater knowledge and methods.

Gained greater knowledge and methods. The teacher is good and helps me understand concepts which I am unclear about. The study environment is comfortable and conducive.


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