How to get A1 for O level Chemistry – first thing you need to do whether you have Chemistry Tuition or not

How to get A1 for O level Chemistry – first thing you need to do whether you have Chemistry Tuition or not

February 1, 2013 O Level Chemistry 1


The first thing that you need to do to get A1 is to be able to remember the important concepts for each topic.?

We mentioned in our?post at “Chemistry Tuition CAN help you improve from C5 to A1 in ?O? Levels Chemistry”?that you need to Master basic but important concepts and?know the concepts from each topic. So here is a list of the topics for sec 3 and sec 4. For a start, do not be alarmed if you find yourself unable to?say anything about that topic.?This simply means you are not familiar with the topic. This also means that you NEED MORE WORK ON THAT TOPIC! After all, how are you going to apply if you do not even know the content.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself as you go down the list.

Do you know?are the key concepts required for each topic? What are the formulas (if any)? What are the Chemical reactions? What are the definitions required? You should be able to do this without referring to your notes or chemistry textbook if you want to get that A1.


  1. Measurements in Chemistry
  2. Separation Techniques of Substances
  3. Kinetic Theory of Particles- Solids, Liquids & Gases
  4. Elements & Compounds
  5. Atomic Structure
  6. Chemical Bonding
  7. Structure & Properties of Substances
  8. Mole Concept (?Relative Masses of Atoms & Molecules, Counting Atoms: The Mole, Calculations Using Chemical Equations)
  9. Periodic Table ( Structure of periodic table, Group properties in periodic table)
  10. Metals ( Properties of Metal,?Extraction & Uses of Metals)



  1. Acids, Bases & Salts
  2. Qualitative Analysis
  3. Redox Reactions
  4. Electrolysis
  5. Energy from Chemicals
  6. Speed of Reaction
  7. Air & Atmosphere
  8. Organic Chemistry (Fuels & Crude oil,? Alkanes,? Alkenes,? Alcohols,? Carboxylic Acids)


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