Can JC H2 Chemistry Tuition help me? Focus on the process, not the results.

Can JC H2 Chemistry Tuition help me? Focus on the process, not the results.

February 2, 2013 A Level Chemistry 1


“Oh I did not really study …it just comes naturally.”

“Ok lah not that difficult…I just studied yesterday.”

“Studied abit yesterday….still can play facebook.”

For some reason, everyone else seems to do well without spending much effort. How is that possible? I have done all?tutorials, attended all lectures diligently? (not like those who skipped lectures tsk tsk) and?I know how to set goals. In fact?I have set high goals for JC H2 Chemistry, but does not seem to be able to score my A in JC H2 Chemistry. What am I doing wrong for my?Chemistry?

We are taught, it?seems,?that the best way to reach a desired result would be to focus on that result, try to move toward it, and judge each attempt by how closely you approximate it. But actually that approach is far from optimal. If you focus your attention and effort less on the results you?re hoping for and more on the processes and techniques you use, you will learn faster, become more successful, and be happier with the outcome.

Unfortunately, most people are poor students. They are unorganized, unfocused, and easily distracted. They work at about 50 percent of capacity. But expect 100% results in their JC H2 Chemistry.?Sadly enough, most students only try to study before the tests or exams and wonder how other students are able to do well.

To achieve success in every area of your life, develop the habits of highly successful and hard-working people. A?JC H2 Chemistry Tuition class hence helps students to?develop this habit?with weekly classes.?What then is the answer to?the question,?can a JC H2 Chemistry Tuition help me? H2 Chemistry tuition helps you to focus on the process, not the results. The process of studying,?practising and recalling so much so that it becomes a habit.

So how can you focus on process over outcome?

  1. Don?t pursue the rewards directly (grade A), trust that they will come. Focus on the process with diligence and effortful study, and let the outcome take care of itself.
  2. Stop worrying about what others will think of your performance. You will be surprised, 99% of people focus on themselves not on others.
  3. View each attempt as merely practice for the next attempt.
  4. Choose for yourself how to rate your performance. Rate yourself based on the effort, not the outcome.
  5. Don?t try to win today, try to become a winner. Be happier when your best effort results in defeat than when a weak effort results in victory.
  6. Determine what your best effort would look like, and then make it happen.



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