Tips for scoring in A ‘Levels’. By our 2012 A ‘Levels’ H2 Chemistry group class student who obtained GP – A, H2 Chemistry – A, H2 Econs – A, H2 Math – B

March 26, 2013 A Level Chemistry Study Technique 1

joyce tang

Joyce Tang has been with Ace Scorers?in her?Secondary 2, Secondary 4 and finally?A ‘Levels’ where she was in Hwa Chong JC and recently?received excellent results for her A ‘Levels’.?Joyce’s?enthusiasm is?not just capped to academics.?From our conversations,?we found that she has many other interest amongst which, she?is?an avid Chinese language enthusiast and will be pursuing?her interests in NUS.

We feel that her?detailed and systemic methods for studying?will benefit all students immensely. In particular, she shared how her Chemistry results improved from a C to an A through practicing higher order Chemistry questions with Ace Scorers. Here is her full,?original email interview response to share some of her tips for scoring well in A ‘Levels’. We hope you enjoy?it!


1. Share with us your success formula in achieving excellent grades in the A level examinations.

Firstly, my study methods were made to suit my study habits and thought processes. I would first consolidate the printed notes from my school, then retype out my notes into point form and include relevant diagrams to reinforce my understanding of that chapter. I would also leave sufficient space such that I could jot down other relevant points when I did my second round of revision at a later period.

My study methods were also subjective to the nature of the subject. When revising Chemistry and Mathematics, I generally separated my revision sessions into memory work sessions and intense practice sessions. Whereas for the Humanities subjects, I focused more on long term skills development and question analysis.

However, I did not place emphasis on just studying, as a monotonous study rhythm often caused me to lose focus, and I would end up just reading the notes instead of truly revising.

To ensure that I did not lose focus often, one of the more important priorities in my study schedule was to actually get enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day), such that I could focus and maximize on studying during schooling hours. I also incorporated time slots in my??study schedule? for playing, where I would allocate specific times for relaxation – this made it seem that there would be an achievement and reward at the end of each study week.?For example, Friday afternoons were meant for exercising with my class and enjoying games such as badminton, and this helped to motivate me when studying just seemed endless.

To sum up, developing good study habits to suit your learning style is important, but work-play balance is also crucial when preparing for the A levels examination.

?2. How has Ace Scorers and your teacher-in-charge helped you in preparing for A levels, especially in the Chemistry subject.

My Chemistry results in JC 1 were much less than stellar, where I averaged a C for my Chemistry in JC1 overall. I believe this was because the depth of Chemistry knowledge gained at A level standards allows for many higher-order application questions which require?greater thought and consideration than just simple answers based on?general theory alone.

However, to attempt higher-order questions, I needed to gain a clear understanding of the basic Chemistry theories and definitions.

It is in this aspect that my Ace Scorers teacher-in-charge, Miss Evelyn, contributed greatly towards. By providing us with constant practice on basic questions, and especially on multiple choice questions that easily surfaces one’s mistakes, she helped to clarify and reaffirm my Chemistry knowledge. At times, she would also cover other Chemistry concepts to provide another point of consideration for the given question, and this helped me to broaden my thinking.

Looking back, I believe that covering all the Chemistry knowledge is/was definitely no easy feat. However, Miss Evelyn helped to build the study pace for me by starting the year with topical revision and then later progressing to the completion of whole papers over the span of my JC2 Chemistry sessions. This aided in building my confidence and also served to mentally prepare me for the intense revisions closer to the A level examinations.

I would like to thank Ace Scorers and my Teacher-In-Charge, Miss Evelyn for the tremendous exposure to a wide array of questions ranging from 10 year series questions to challenging school papers, and for her attentiveness in correcting our mistakes while also providing a different viewpoint from which to address higher-order chemistry questions.


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