Anderson Junior College- 2013 – Best improvement from U to B

Anderson Junior College- 2013 – Best improvement from U to B

June 30, 2014 Testimonials 0


S.K. Arvind from Anderson JC?

Before – Chemistry – U, GP – C, Math – D

After – Chemistry – B, Econ ? A, GP ? B, Math -B

1. I constantly tried to ask myself why in almost every situation, not just in studies but in real life situations as well and tried to link concepts learned to these situations.?The ability to link it together successfully gave me a drive to learn more and more. This was especially useful in the last stretch toward A levels.

2. Before going to ace scorers i was very lazy and reluctant to study but in the company of various teachers who never stopped believing in me?I was given an interesting sort of motivation.?I initially tried linking real life and the subjects i took to gain motivation but i often found myself lost as my knowledge was limited and had many missing links.?But the teachers at ace scorers helped in many ways to expand my knowledge by helping beyond the call of duty through whatsapp for chemistry and math.?Despite my questions being repetitive and sometimes tedious they never failed to help me.?In gp the teacher constantly gave us ideas and helped beyond class time for additional queries and sometimes silly questions
The most important part was the fun i had learning from the teachers!!