Good chemistry tutor singapore part 2

January 3, 2018 A Level Chemistry Chemistry IP Level Chemistry O Level Chemistry Study Technique 0

This is the second part to the good chemistry tutor series.

In the first part, we shared that good chemistry tutor needs empathy and let the students speak. Here we would like to share another nugget of wisdom.

Good chemistry tutors know that they cannot “force it in”. Students are naturally interested learners and enjoy finding out about new things and are adept at memorizing certain information, as witnessed by their quick acquisition of the latest movies, gadgets, toys, celebrity gossips. When interest is high, the information is easily retained. Positive motivation is critical in promoting deep and lasting learning.

Similarly the good chemistry tutor must make the information understood in terms of its usefulness. Standing and delivering information can only go so far. It must be accompanied by the active participation of students in experiencing some information gathering, using and sharing.