Case studies

I call this a ?light? case study because it?s only 6 pages and it?s a quick and easy read. I simply recorded a conversation I had with Miss Joyce the Chemistry teacher about one of her student, as well as the actual email and sms from our ‘A’ Level students.

You can download the case studies here.

‘O’ Levels Case Study

1. You?ll be meeting a student named Sharne from a girl’s school. which is not her real name?name for her and her school’s privacy. She improved from F9 to A2 for ‘O’ Levels in 2 months.

‘A’ Levels Case Studies

1. Joyce Tang has been with Ace Scorers?in her?Secondary 2, Secondary 4 and finally?A ?Levels? where she was in Hwa Chong JC and her Chemistry results improved from a?C to an A?through practicing higher order Chemistry questions with Ace Scorers. In the PDF, we attach the original email interview response to share some of her tips for scoring well in A ?Levels?.

2. You will also be meeting a student called Ryan who joined our intensive course 2 months before the ‘A’ Levels exam. He had never passed until he came to us.