Understand Chemistry Concepts

The first thing you need to do is to learn your concepts and be able to remember the whole mind map of the Chemistry Chapters that you need to learn. There are alot of students who skip this step, plunging straight into the subject of Chemistry only to get confused.?Here are the reasons why mind mapping works.

1. Mind maps work the way the brain works — which is not in nice neat lines.

2. Memory is naturally associative, not linear. Any idea probably has thousands of links in your mind. Mind maps allow associations and links to be recorded and reinforced.

3. The mind remembers key words and images, not sentences — try recalling just one sentence from memory! Mind maps use just key words and key images, allowing a lot more information to be put on a page.

4. Because mind maps are more visual and depict associations between key words, they are much easier to recall than linear notes.

5. Starting from the center of the page rather than top-left corner allows you to work out in all directions.

6. The organization of a mind map reflects the way your own brain organizes ideas.

7. Mind maps are easy to review. Regular review reinforces memory. Best is to try reviewing in your imagination first, then go back and check on those areas that were hazy.

This video presentation is pertaining to ‘O’ Levels. The idea is the same for ‘A’ Levels students. Students must understand the concepts first.

Here is the free mindmap software that we recommend you use.

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