Chemistry Tuition CAN help you improve from C5 to A1 in ‘O’ Levels Chemistry. But mostly it depends on your self determination.

Chemistry Tuition CAN help you improve from C5 to A1 in ‘O’ Levels Chemistry. But mostly it depends on your self determination.

January 30, 2013 O Level Chemistry Study Technique 1


Let me start this post with a Sec 3 student’s?experience in Chemistry improving from grade?C5 in Sec 3?to A1 in ‘O’ Levels. Last year (in Sec 3),?he scored?C5 in Chemistry in?the mid year examination.?He didn?t even know how to write a correct chemical equation.?He started worrying that?he might get bad result in?’O’ Levels?Chemistry (I would be very worried too if I were him).?From that moment,?he realized his problem and was determined to change his current state. He studied very hard and finally scored?A1 in?’O’ Levels Chemistry. If you find yourself facing the?same probem,?you should start revising each and every chapter in the syllabus right?now! Yes right now! How? Follow these tips:

  • Master basic but important concepts
  • Focus on?facts and processes
  • Practise past-year papers

Master basic but important concepts ? Every chapter focuses on one or two concepts ONLY. Do you know what it is??Identify them. Start from the over view. Secondly, Chemistry needs?you to at least know how to write correct chemical equation, do simple calculation and understand basic chemical concept like Mole Concept. There are some really good guide books available in popular book shop. Note that there are only a few types of calculations in Chemistry compared to Physics so please please please master all the calculations.You can do it! ?Try to do it yourself by?reading the reference books first. If you really couldn?t understand them, you should seek help from your Chemistry class or Chemistry tuition teacher. We offer short term?chemistry tuition classes during holidays?to help you identify the important concepts.

Focus on?facts and processes ?? There are some facts that you need to memorise. Period. Do not believe that you can merely understand without memorising facts. Do not misunderstand memorising for reading. Alot of people mistake reading for studying. Studying and?I mean effectively studying means that you are able to recite what you have learnt without?refering to the book.??I personally?feel that you can surely get an?A1 in?’O’ Levels?Chemistry if you can memorize all the correct?facts. However, I strongly recommend you to understand each concept?as well.?Learning Chemistry becomes more exciting and enjoyable using this method.

Practise past-year papers ? Behold…I am now going to reveal a national secret. Past-year questions will repeat from time to time because of the limited scope covered in?’O’ Levels?Chemistry syllabus!?Right. So it is not such a big secret after all since everybody knows this.?Practice makes perfect. Try every question and learn from your mistakes. For open ended questions, get the marking scheme from your teachers so that you can see how the marks are allocated and which points or keywords deserve full mark, etc. Learning from the answers provided is a highly effective strategy. And for goodness sake, please study and practise your MCQ.?MCQs are god sent -?like santa claus giving you marks as gifts. Please accept them whole heartedly by PRACTISING MCQ!

In conclusion, you have to study and understand every chapter carefully. Be smart and choose the right facts to memorise. If in doubt, always ask your teacher in chemistry tuition or class.?Believe me, you will not?get A1 if you have read only a few topics and focus on only certain chemical concepts. Like it or not, read-understand-memorize all topics is the only way to guarantee a A1 in?’O’ Levels?Chemistry. This can only come from either a?very determined individual….or a very strict teacher. Your choice.


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