Get A for Chemistry. How to reset yourself and get A for Chemistry in Singapore.

Get A for Chemistry. How to reset yourself and get A for Chemistry in Singapore.

July 15, 2013 Study Technique 0


Jane (not real name)?is a model student that every Teacher loves. She hands up all homework, assignments, copies notes nicely and makes it a point to?clear any doubts that she has. She asks questions in class and actively?participates. The only problem is, she is still not?getting?A for?Chemistry. Despite her many efforts, she?never seems to be able to?get A for?Chemistry unlike?George who doesn’t care a hoot about his homework, is?sloppy in?his work and yet still manages to get A for Chemistry.?Perpetually feeling frustrated, Jane comes to the conclusion that she is stupid and?George is?clever. And she will never achieve the success that she desires no matter how hard she works. Why is?life so?unfair?

Actually Jane is not stupid. Neither?is George?necessarily more clever than her. The reason why?does not get?A for Chemistry?is?simply because her inner world is not aligned with her outer world. Say what again?

In our?years of teaching, we realise that students tend to fall under 6 categories and each category?requires a different?way to teach simply because they learn differently. They are also motivated?differently.?So sometimes the reason why a student does not?get A for?Chemistry or studies?and feels frustrated is simply?because a wrong technique is employed to teach a particular category of student.

The 6 categories are:

1.? Very obedient but still cannot score

2.? Easily distracted and cannot remember

3.? Not disciplined, simply don?t care

4.? Knows what needs to be done, but simply isn?t doing it

5.?? Diligent. Already grade A and want to maintain

6.?? Overly stressed student

To complicate matters,?there is the concept of inner world and outer world that a Teacher/ student?needs to deal with. Everybody lives in two worlds simultaneously – inner and outer world. The inner world is the real student, the actual behaviour?or what one might call the?core character.?The outer?world is what the student portrays to everyone around him/ her?or?a character that the student wants others to think he/ she is.

To Get?A for?Chemistry?or studies depends on understanding yourself at a deeper level. cheeeem….

In Jane’s outer world,?she?is the perfect role model. She believes that she is a diligent student and follows all instructions that?are given by Teachers. She is obedient and successfully protrays so. However when we probe further, we realise that even though she is a diligent student on the outside, she only does what is necessary to fulfil that image. She does not do more than that. In fact she hates to do more than that and loathes the idea of doing homework that does not help her in her studies but just to satisfy her Teachers and her own?outer image.?Her inner world is that of a lazy student. The one who loves to watch TV, sit around and slack and she is frustrated because she has to constantly put up a front. She would quickly finish her homework, not necessarily knowing what she was doing and throw them aside so that she can go slack to fulfil real desires. It is no wonder that no matter how much homework she does, no matter how many questions she asks, she will not be able to understand more because?at the deeper?level, she doesn’t want to!

On the flipside, George’s outer world is that of a slacker. He loves to have people believe that he is a lazy slug. He?believes that homework and assignments are not as important as understanding the concept and practising for?the final exam. Guess what is his inner world??Yes, it is?that of a diligent student. He is constantly practising his work when he is at home or when people?are not looking. He fears that other people will catch up with him and puts in extra effort to make sure he will get?A for?Chemistry. And of course he makes sure that other people does not know. The?disadvantage about George’s inner and outer world?combination is that he may become too complacent and believe that he is very clever, so?much so that his diligent?inner world fades and becomes aligned with his slacker outer world!

So for you to get A for Chemistry or any subject, you need to align your core. You need to search at a deeper level to find out who you really are.?From our experience, those students who constantly?get A?for Chemistry are those who?are?diligent on the outside and diligent on the inside.?There is?alignment and no conflicts.

What are some of the ways to change the inner and outer world??First of all, recognise which kind of inner and outer world you belong to. It can be hard to accept at first but it is absolutely necessary. Our Chemistry Teachers are trained to recognise?a student’s inner and outer world so as to employ the best ways to help students. Secondly, to change your perspective, you need to understand how to focus on the process and not the outcome.?Lastly you discard whatever bad habits?that is not working for you?and keep those habits that are working. Once you keep getting consistent results, you would have aligned inner and outer worlds.