For ‘A’ level students

For ‘A’ level students

August 9, 2013 A Level Chemistry 0

This is the part where you get the cool stuff for ‘A’ level students.

2 Months ?A? levels attack plan – 48 pages of actual schedule including notes and questions used by our student Ryan to get from U to A in 2 months.


The download consists of the following.

Overview and READ ME FIRST!

Acid-base equilibria.pdf

Chemical Equillibria.pdf

Chemical Kinetics.pdf


Redox Equilibria.pdf



Want more? Our students will get the rest of the following totalling 60 pages worth of precise, direct to the point notes and also free 147 pages ‘A’ level chemistry book that you can keep as reference material in your phone!

Group 2.pdf

Group 7 Halogen.pdf

Transition Metal.pdf

Thermodynamics and Organic Chemistry 1.pdf

Organic Chemistry 2.pdf

Organic Chemistry 3.pdf

Organic Chemistry 4.pdf

Bonus – 147 pages chemistry reference book in pdf format to put into your iphone or android handphone for easy reference