Sharne Leong – ‘O’ Levels Chemistry F9 – A2

Sharne Leong – ‘O’ Levels Chemistry F9 – A2

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?A few months before I took my O Levels, I was failing Chemistry with F9s. I?had been failing every test, save for one or two, since I was in Secondary 3.

However after joining Ace Scorers two months before my O Levels, Ms Joyce
reaffirmed and encouraged me even though other teachers had told me to drop
Chemistry. After class, she would sacrifice her lunch time just to answer my
queries patiently. Within those two months, with her help and my determination,
I got an A2 for Pure Chemistry in my O Levels.?


Interviewer: Ms Joyce, can you share with us how your student Sharne
improved from F9 to A2 within 2 months.
Ms Joyce: Thanks. Understand that given time constraint of two months, it?s
not a long time. It is impossible to memorise everything in the text book. We
started by remembering the mindmap of the 16 to 18 chapters and everything
started from there.
Interviewer: Which classes did Sharne join?
Ms Joyce: She joined the ongoing and the intensive Ace Chemistry classes for
pure chemistry.
Interviewer: How did she do before joining the class?

Ms Joyce: She was scoring F9 and has never passed her Chemistry before. And
due to her bad results, her Teacher asked her to drop to combined Chemistry
months before the O levels.
Interviewer: What did you tell her when she told you her Teacher requested her
to drop to combined chemistry?
Ms Joyce: I told her not to drop. Actually she herself also did not want to drop
and eventually she persisted and continued in pure chemistry.
Interviewer: In your opinion, what are the things she did that led to her
eventual success?
Ms Joyce: She clarified her doubts, she went through all the questions that we
asked her to do and always stayed back to clarify her doubts.
Interviewer: What was the turning point for Sharne?
Ms Joyce: Sharne came in with her mum and was very dejected as her Teacher
had told her to drop the subject. Even her mum believed the Teacher and felt
that she would not be able to do well in Pure Chemistry. The turning point was
when I pointed to her that she should carry on taking pure Chemistry as she is
not as bad as she thought. Also told her that Chemistry is an important subject
as it was a pre-requisite for the course that she wanted to do in future. I think
she just needed to be pointed the correct direction. In the first few classes, she
was rather lost. I continued to encourage her and approached her after every
lesson. Eventually she realized that Chemistry is not that difficult to score after
a few classes and attempting the questions we told her to do.

Interviewer: Which part of Ace Chemistry do you think was most helpful to?Sharne?

Ms Joyce: The concept map and in class mini lectures were helpful. She needed
somebody to explain the concepts first as she was confused and mixed up the
Chemistry concepts. Eventually after she cleared her doubts, she was able to do
our worksheets with ease and that greatly reinforced her learning. She did ten
year series on her own and brought it here to ask us when she had questions.
Interviewer: Was she doing this previously?
Ms Joyce: Sharne said she was busy, did not have the time and probably
procrastinated as she did not know how to start. I think most students would
have immense difficulty starting given the same circumstances.