SJI – A for Chemistry, currently on scholarship for overseas studies.

SJI – A for Chemistry, currently on scholarship for overseas studies.

April 9, 2014 Testimonials 0


Testimonial for Ace Scorers.

My tutors at Ace Scorers were especially helpful in my preparation for the exams. Ace Scorers has a wide variety and a diverse range of learning materials which allows me to have access to the necessary resources that I need. My tutors at Ace Scorers are very dedicated and committed to the art of pedagogy, as they always have my interests in mind. My tutors are not only academic coaches but motivators and role models. They assist me in planning for my revision and they have a very clear and distinct plan in mind right from the start. Ace Scorers tutors go the extra mile in helping me prepare for my exams, giving me extra personalised attention and making sure I am confident in tackling even the most tedious exam questions.

How I prepared for the exams.

In preparation for the exams, I believe that timing is key. Setting priorities is important when especially towards the exams. I structure my revision such that I first do a practice paper to test my knowledge. This will help me identify what I already know, and what I need to know. I would then proceed to revise on the areas I am unfamiliar with, and then redo the practice paper to ensure that I understand all the relevant concepts and remember the necessary information.
Apart from practicing and revising, I think studying answer schemes is also very important. I do this every time I complete a practice paper. I believe that this is crucial as I get an understanding of the question and answer requirements, and through this, I develop and understanding of how my answers should be phrased, how they should be structured, and what keywords or concepts they should cover. Comparing answer schemes for similar question types would also allow me to identify trends in suggested answers, and therefore I know what is required should I encounter similar questions in future. I make sure I do my work consistently so I do not have to burn the midnight oil or be overwhelmed by too much work prior to the exams.

Having motivation to sustain my consistent performance is also crucial in my preparation. Thus, my friends and I form study groups to help each other and spur each other on. It is important to join a group where your friends are highly motivational and inspire you to work harder. Having friendly competition among friends is okay as it makes you strive to do better each time. Be disciplined and understand that study groups are not merely for chit-chatting but also for serious and focused study sessions.