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Ace Chemistry is a Chemistry tuition subsidiary of Ace Scorers Enrichment Centre, established since 2007, provides quality ‘A’ Level and ‘O’ Level Chemistry tuition. Our founding principle is to create a conducive environment for students to understand and score in Chemistry in the shortest time possible.  We work very hard to help students achieve this goal.

Our approach is exam-oriented with an emphasis on the understanding and application of fundamental key principles of Chemistry. We offer a full program of weekly teaching lessons as well as exam preparation classes before exam and preparation classes during the holidays. Over the years, an average of over 80% of our students achieve either an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ grade.

Presenting Our key Chemistry tutors

Ms   Joyce -BSc Chemistry, NUS, 12 Years experience in   Chemistry Tuition. Featured in popular magazine and Lian He Wanbao.

Her story…

Ms Joyce graduated from NUS and had wanted to be a teacher in school. Ironically, she was rejected by MOE based on one interview and was not given another interview as she was told that the quota for Chemistry Teachers had reached. With her dream of being a Teacher dashed, Ms Joyce found work as a chemical engineer and then was subsequently recruited by ASTAR to head an ISO team. Throughout all these years, Ms Joyce continued to teach as it was her true passion. Eventually she had too many students to cope as she was literally swamped with requests and thereby the centre was started and she recruited fine teachers to teach alongside with her.

Somewhere along the line, the centre appeared in Lian He Wan Bao (Local Newspaper) because of her ability to help students improve their Chemistry results. Today though she can sit back and relax but Ms Joyce continues to put in her best to teach as many students as possible. She also coaches Teachers on how to teach the subject of Chemistry.

Surprisingly Ms Joyce did not have great result when she was in her teens. This allowed her to emphatise and understand the difficulties that students are going through nowadays. Though she was from one of the top class in her secondary school and did well enough to go to a JC, she only barely managed to make it into University. It wasn’t until the undergraduate years that she discovered the real secrets to doing well for Chemistry. She discovered that being meticulous, hardworking, practising the right questions and picking yourself up after set backs is the way. Throughout her years as a Chemical Engineer and head of the ISO team  at ASTAR, she was able to fine tune and formalise a process that enabled thousands of students to achieve the results that they want.

Ms Evelyn – BSc Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 2nd Upper   Honours, NTU, 5 years experience in Chemistry Tuition

Ms Evelyn is the H2 Chemistry tutor that was featured in Popclub magazine. She is the no nonsense, direct, practical and question based tutor who believes that students can get good grades based on solving many Chemistry questions. As such you will see her frantically doing many questions in class at a very fast pace. Many students will feel intimidated at first and do not see the value in her teachings immediately. But all those who stuck with her eventually got really good grades due to the “over exposure” in questions that she repeats again and again just to make sure the students remember, understand and apply. In 2012 she had many students who scored A in her classes using this massive carpet bombing approach. However, do not be mistaken that she is unwilling to teach. Many students do stay back and ask her questions or clarify doubts about chemistry concepts so that they can attempt the numerous questions that Ms Evelyn posted.

Mr John Soh – 1st Class Honours Chemical   Engineering, Deans List, NUS, full time chemistry tutor.

Mr John Soh is the teacher with the 1st class honours in Chemistry and he is a very sought after H2 Chemistry teacher who is also a regular contributor to Popclub magazine. Currently most of his students are from VJC. He is able to go right down into details and advise students on the exact things they need to do to score for their A levels. Most impressively, he has the ability to explain chemistry concepts in great details and make sure the students understand. His classes typically have more of him explaining the “what” part of H2 chemistry and exercises to be done at home.

Ms Rachelle – 6 Years tutoring   experience, NUS

Ms Rachelle is a popular Teacher among the secondary students due to her easy going and sporty character. Due to her own experience with triple pure science during her secondary school days, she is able to connect well with the IP/ secondary school students and share with them how she managed to do well for her O levels. Her students from Secondary 2 science classes are able to ask questions related to all 3 science subjects as she is well versed in them.

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  2. Zainah says:

    Im looking fot female turor to teacher my daughter o level chemistry.

    Thank you

  3. Jo says:

    may I know if Sec4 Pure Chemistry Monday session 730pm-9pm still open? if yes,please advise procedure for registration, course fee and date class starts. Thanks

    • acechemistry says:


      Thanks for your enquiry. The session is still on but I think it is full. Course fee is $210 per 4 lessons. We will get our recep to contact you. ALternatively you can call us directly at 62894551. Thank you!

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