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Ms Joyce -BSc Chemistry, NUS, 12 Years experience in Chemistry Tuition. Featured in popular magazine and Lian He Wanbao.

Ms Joyce graduated from NUS and had wanted to be a teacher in school. Ironically, she was rejected by MOE based on one interview and was not given another interview as she was told that the quota for Chemistry Teachers had reached. With her dream of being a Teacher dashed, Ms Joyce found work as a chemical engineer and then was subsequently recruited by ASTAR to head an ISO team. Throughout all these years, Ms Joyce continued to teach as it was her true passion. Eventually she had too many students to cope as she was literally swamped with requests and thereby the centre was started and she recruited fine teachers to teach alongside with her.

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Mr John Soh – 1st Class Honours Chemical Engineering, Deans List, NUS, full time chemistry tutor.

Mr John Soh is the teacher with the 1st class honours in Chemistry and he is a very sought after H2 Chemistry teacher who is also a regular contributor to Popclub magazine. Currently most of his students are from VJC. He is able to go right down into details and advise students on the exact things they need to do to score for their A levels. Most impressively, he has the ability to explain chemistry concepts in great details and make sure the students understand

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Ms Evelyn – BSc Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, 2nd Upper Honours, NTU, 5 years experience in Chemistry Tuition

Ms Evelyn is the H2 Chemistry tutor that was featured in Popclub magazine. She is the no nonsense, direct, practical and question based tutor who believes that students can get good grades based on solving many Chemistry questions. As such you will see her frantically doing many questions in class at a very fast pace. Many students will feel intimidated at first and do not see the value in her teachings immediately

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2A Maju Ave Singapore 556680

Contact: 62894551

Whatsapp: 82934785